Targeted Outreach Strategies

Struggling to get high-value meetings?

We specialize in B2B outreach strategies that get you in front of key decision-makers and increase your chances of closing bigger deals. Let us help you get recommended and introduced to your ideal clients.

Our Targeted Outreach Strategies Help You…

Create a Reliable Customer Acquisition System

Tired of your lead generation falling flat? You’re not alone—many businesses struggle to keep a steady flow of high-quality leads. With our proven strategies, you’ll connect with the right decision-makers and consistently turn prospects into loyal clients. Say goodbye to those dry spells in your sales pipeline.

  • Secure more high-value meetings.
  • Get noticed by decision-makers.
  • Boost your sales pipeline.

The KIP Total Marketing Process

Listen, Learn then Research

We listen to learn where you've been and where you want to take your firm. We take what you've shared and dive deep into researching the market, your competitors, even your customers.

Messaging and Value Mapping

Our process helps you clarify the value your firm provides to your customers by connecting your unique capabilities to the challenges and business outcomes your target audience cares about.

Re-purpose or Create Content

We help you showcase the value you deliver in a more effective way. This involves re-working or developing proof-points such as pitch decks, case studies, reference letters, capabilities statements, qualification documents, schematics, project photos, websites, and others. Our approach is to link these proof-points to your buyer's purchasing journey to ensure that your value proposition is highlighted at every stage.

Design and Execute Strategy

To develop a successful customer contact action plan (CCAP), we'll handle various digital marketing tasks such as search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, social media outreach, digital PR, online advertising, analytics and reporting, and a website refocus. We'll handle as much or as little as you need.

What You Get When We Work Together

Connect with High Value Accounts

Tired of targeting the wrong prospects? We'll help you identify and reach the most valuable accounts for your business.

Get in Front of the Right People

Struggling to connect with decision-makers? Our strategies ensure your message reaches those who can influence purchase decisions.

Engage and Share Your Story

Finding it hard to tell your story? We craft compelling narratives that resonate with your audience and build trust.

Convert Meetings into Sales Opportunities

Low conversion rates? Our techniques turn initial contacts into profitable sales opportunities."

You'll end up with...

Why work with us graphics

A high-converting website

Struggling with low conversion rates? We design websites that turn visitors into leads and customers.


Content that Helps Your Buyers Choose

Is your content failing to engage? We create compelling content that guides prospects through their buying journey.

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The right visitors coming to your website

Attracting the wrong audience? Our targeted strategies ensure you draw in visitors who are likely to convert.

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An effective customer contact strategy

Losing touch with customers? We develop strategies to maintain meaningful connections with your clients.

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Sales, Marketing & technology advice

Feeling overwhelmed by technology? We provide expert guidance to streamline your processes and boost performance.

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Strong branding and a positive reputation

Struggling to stand out? We build a brand that earns trust and recognition.

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Accurate, higher online visibility

Invisible online? We improve your search rankings and online presence.


More useful B2B Social Media

Not seeing results from social media? We leverage social media for effective B2B engagement.

Get Your Own Digital Marketing Portal to Track Your Results

KIP Digital Marketing Portal continued

Track and optimize your marketing efforts

Our digital marketing portal provides you with a comprehensive view of your marketing performance. Easily manage campaigns, track engagement, and optimize for better results—all in one place.

What People Say...

chris wanchris wan
18:49 12 Dec 22
Lloyd is a trusted advisor who has given me tremendous insight on the marketing and sales process, especially as it relates to new business generation. He enlightened me on various technological tools and processes to aid in maximizing customer acquisition. Lloyd is a phenomenal listener, who really cuts to the heart of the issues and offers ideas and solutions in a direct and pragmatic way. Many of the mental models he has shared with me will prove valuable to me as I endeavor to grow my business.
David ChertokDavid Chertok
21:44 27 Sep 22
Esther SchwartzEsther Schwartz
22:05 22 Aug 21
At my initial meeting with Lloyd Grant, he LISTENED to my Sales/Marketing concerns. He UNDERSTOOD my goals. He offered AMAZING INSIGHTS to help me strategize. Lloyd has a very professional and smart grasp of the marketing trends of today. I look forward to working with him.
Lauren PearlLauren Pearl
15:51 09 Jul 21
I worked with Lloyd through the NYU Marketing Helpdesk. He’s been an invaluable advisor to my startup. When we first met, I was having trouble getting started with marketing for my eco-friendly housing startup given our limited time and resources. He carefully listened to my company pitch, problems, and constraints, and helped compile a customized list of practical, actionable steps I could take to grow my brand traction, and turn that traffic into customers. He had an excellent grasp of current-day marketing trends, tools and techniques, and he helped me create a workable sales and marketing strategy that’s empowering me to make progress. I would absolutely recommend his service to any startup founder that needs practical, actionable advice on growing their brand.
MR BurnettMR Burnett
17:39 22 Apr 20
Amazing companies to work, very professional knowledgeable, Always on time

Building bridges to key decision makers

Business owners face difficulty in finding the right people to talk to. This affects getting good leads and keeping up with sales, all while managing your business. Our services are created exclusively for veteran-owned, women-owned, or minority-owned businesses that sell their services to large corporations and government agencies. You face challenges in getting the right people’s attention and making sales. You charge more than $10,000 for your services, which can take weeks or months to complete since you have to communicate with multiple decision-makers.

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