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20 Minutes Could Change Your Business

KIP Total Marketing Solutions is your partner for success that provides businesses with all the necessary tools to find, convert, and keep customers.

Our comprehensive evaluation and analysis are designed to help you improve your campaigns and reach your business goals, sales objectives, and marketing priorities. Our expert team of marketing professionals will provide you with invaluable insights and recommendations to help you increase conversions and maximize your budget.

Don’t wait any longer; sign up now to receive personalized and strategic analysis that will take your business to new heights. With KIP Total Marketing Solutions, success is within reach.

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What Happens in 20 Minutes? We...

Learn About You

We listen to learn about your firm and where you want to take it and anything that might be holding you back.

Learn About Your Target Customer

We seek to identify the triggers and concerns that motivates B2B buyers to make a purchasing decision.

Learn About How You Add Value

We explore whether or not there are ways to measure the value you bring to the table for potential clients.

See If There's A Fit

Together we determine if it makes sense for us to partner up for your sucess.

How it works is so simple

Book A Session

Check the calendar and see what day and time works for you.

Set up Your Goals

Think about your firm's business goals, sales objectives, and marketing priorities.

Be Open Minded

Be prepared to share your story. The ups and downs and where you think opportunities are.

Video meetings from the convenience of your home or office.

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KIP Total Marketing Solutions is a marketing and sales agency based in New York City. We specialize in providing strategic marketing and sales services to B2B (business-to-business) companies led by women and minority entrepreneurs.

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