We are a trusted, highly experienced authority on writing and editing content for the enterprise as well as the government and public sector. We help clients to maintain and strengthen their brand voice, improve user experience and resonate with audiences. We regularly write and edit the following to provide clear, consistent, and compelling content:

  • Social materials – effective social media posts and meta tags for social networks (mainly LinkedIn, Google Business Profiles, Twitter, and Facebook), plus social media strategies, blog posts, webinar scripts, and more.
  • Public information materials – all website content writing services including capabilities statements, qualification documents, factsheets, case studies, FAQs, how-to guides, information and advice fliers, community engagement strategies, etc.
  • Media materials – media releases and notes for editors, media briefings, ready-for-print articles, advertorials, guest blog posts, etc.
  • Government materials – white papers, task force reports, briefs, and more.


To help B2B and B2G owners communicate successfully with their target audiences, we offer a full suite of highly professional editing services. Our team includes former journalists and editors from across America. We offer line editing and copy editing to ensure content is always clear, consistent, and compelling.

  • Line editing: We proofread and edit to ensure voice, language, tone and style are appropriate for the client, the nature of the content, and the target audience. We reduce the jargon, edit it into plain English and order the flow of the narrative. This makes the content clear, logical, and easy to read.
  • Copy editing: We are sticklers for accuracy, proofreading, and copy editing to ensure correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax. We boost the copy edit with fact-checking (if required), and querying statements that are confusing or inconsistent.


Government and the public sector need to communicate successfully with a wide range of people from different backgrounds. To help communications teams achieve this, we produce clear, consistent, and compelling video projects and animations (motion graphics)—everything from event videos, conference videos, and training videos to explainer videos and educational films.

We work with clients through every step of the video production process to:

  • write scripts and storyboards to match a client’s voice, brand, key messages, and target audience (pre-production)
  • shoot and edit footage, weaving in music and voiceovers as appropriate (post-production)
  • devise and implement brand-and style-appropriate graphic designs to bring animations alive
  • format all videos and animations for web and mobile devices (as required).


In recent years, webinars and podcasts have increasingly become the medium of choice for public service. We have produced numerous high-quality podcasts and webinars for government and key public sector organizations, covering everything from defense stakeholder engagement to the risk to agriculture posed by stink bugs. Each is designed to increase audience participation and get a client’s message across.

We also produce in-house podcasts offering free expert communications guidance for the government and the public sector. Our full suite of services includes:

  • writing and editing scripts and storyboards
  • offering in-house, broadcast-quality studio facilities
  • managing, coordinating, and hosting podcasts and webinars
  • audio editing (in-house)
  • promoting podcasts and webinars on platforms and social media.