LinkedIn for Finding Clients and Partners

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for business professionals to connect with potential clients and partners. LinkedIn offers a vast network of possible connections and a platform to showcase your skills and experience. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium paid service from LinkedIn with advanced search and outreach capabilities. We will discuss using LinkedIn and LinkedIn […]

B2B Prospecting as a Trusted Advisor to Your Target Accounts

In the intricate world of B2B prospecting, the role of a business owner has transformed significantly. Gone are the days of mere transactional selling. Today, the emphasis is on consultative advising, where understanding, empathy, and value-driven solutions reign supreme. Business owners grapple with reaching their Target Accounts, only to stumble at the pivotal sales meeting. […]

Unlocking Growth: B2B Lead Generation Strategies for Small Service Providers

Unlocking Growth: B2B Lead Generation Strategies for Small Service Provider By KIP|TMS Staff Small service providers often find themselves in the shadow of large corporations. But with the right strategies, these underdogs can shine. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of B2B lead generation tailored for small service providers, especially those owned by women and minorities. […]