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It's Not "Just" a Website

Your website is your main tool for enabling sales and offering solutions. We recommend a website redeployment because letting a graphic designer or website developer create your website in a vacuum, separate from your business goals, rarely leads to the marketing outcomes you need most for your business. That’s why only 3% of visitors to a typical website ever convert to sales.

Today your site needs to be a go to source for useful information that empowers buyers, syncs with all your promotion and marketing activities, and helps drive revenue performance.

We’ll help you reorient your sales and marketing activities so that your website turns into a key arsenal in your never ending battle to win customers and outvalue competitive alternatives.

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What We Need From You

Your story. About your business, your best customers, your challenges, and your hopes for the future. All marketing materials, brochures, sell sheets, ads, etc., everything you use to bring in prospects. And finally, access to your Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Google Adwords accounts so we can plug them into our platform and do a deep dive. If you don't have any of these accounts we can set them up for you.

What You Get From Us

A sales enabled website that helps prospects you want, find you online and take action to convert to a sales ready lead.

The Process

    STEP 1: Align Website Objectives to Your Business Goals

    How your website looks is a secondary consideration to the goals you’ve set for your business. We’ll sit down with you to listen and learn about where you’re taking your firm to see how your website fits into your overall game plan. That enables us to do five things: 1) make sure you’re setup to get the right visitors viewing your web pages; 2) develop a plan to drive more of those visitors to your sight; 3) figure out what actions different groups of visitors to your site should take; 4) get those visitors to convert to qualified leads; 5) and put in place meaningful ways to measure, monitor and tweak so that it's clear whether or not your goals are being meet.

    STEP 2: Inventory Your Assets

    Then we'll take a look at what your website says to your target consumers and how it communicates the benefits your prospects value most. There are typically 7 areas most websites don't address that slow down and hinder their ability to get qualified prospects to take an action you want, e.g., call you, come to your location, join your mailing list, register for an event, or sign-up for a consultation. We'll help you work on those areas if needed. Then we'll look at what messages you’re delivering in other outlets as well, including social media, and examine your marketing materials, sales sheets, calls-to-action, slide presentations, print advertising, everything you use to bring in prospects.

    STEP 3: Check for Unforced Errors

    Technical issues may also play a role in your websites performance. We'll run a comprehensive audit to suss out and correct any items that'll impact your ability to be indexed by the search engines and found by prospects. We'll also create a detailed site map and work on the structure of your website, the flow of information, the steps visitors take to complete a given action, identify any outdated pages, and flag inconsistent messaging.

    STEP 4: Research Buyer Concerns

    If you haven't already done so, we'll help you create detailed buyer personas for up to three of your top customer segments. We'll look at their motivations, preferences, and activities to determine what type of content and calls-to-action resonate most with them. Then we'll go a step further and research what words and phrases your best prospects use when they talk about the challenges they face or the opportunities they're looking for so that we'll know how to demonstrate that you deliver on the value propositions they're after. By using the language your customers use when they talk about what matters to them we can make sure they find you and understand how you meet their needs.

    STEP 5: Create Optimized Landing Pages

    After aligning website objectives to your business goals we'll help you identify and prioritize all the conversion pathways on your website and create a prioritized list of pathways for different buyer scenarios. A conversion pathway is the steps your target website visitor goes through to complete an action on your site. We'll also help you create landing pages for specific customer segments tied to campaigns (email, Google Adwords, social media, event registrations, demos, consultations, etc.) to attract them. The purpose of each landing page is to address the exact issues, challenges, and benefits your prospects searched for that brought them to your website in the first place.

    STEP 6: Measure, Monitor, and Tweak Results

    All of the optimizing and reorienting in the world won't matter much if you can't tell if your efforts are having the effect you're looking for. That's why we'll work with you to put in place a system of evaluation to measure results and make adjustments as necessary.

When You Might Need to Redeploy

  • You've got low traffic to your website and low conversion of anonymous visitors into known prospects
  • You've got decent to high traffic to your website but low conversions of anonymous visitors into known prospects
  • You've got decent to high traffic to your website with a good number of visitors converting but they're not who you want. They don’t match the profile of potential customers
  • Buying commitees, purchasing managers, facilities managers and others don't check out your website when that need answers to complex question before making a decision
  • You haven't updated your website in 3 years or more, and it doesn't comform to modern, mobile usage.

The Benefits

  • A deeper understanding of your target audience and why they come to your site
  • Content designed to drive qualified traffic and increase conversions
  • Online messaging consistent with your overall business goals
  • Landing pages optimized to get specific customer segments to take specific actions

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Complimentary Services

To boost all of the work involved in re-doing your website, you should also take a look at creating educational content, optimizing for search, incorperating business focused social media and deploying an email newsletter to nurture prospects that aren't ready to sign-up just yet.