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The New Business Development

Going to market has changed more over the last five years than in the past 50. Part of that is due to the rising significance of LinkedIn as a tool for business development.

Increasingly, enterprise's find it effective for building and nurturing relationships at scale, in a manner more efficient than ever before.

But for many business owners, taking the time to stop and figure out how to make sure they're getting the most from their LinkedIn presence doesn't rate as high as more pressing items on their never ending to-do list.

Time-starved and Over-committed

For these business owners we’ve introduced our Managed Services for LinkedIn.

With MSL, we’ll partner with you to conduct outsourced content marketing, business development, and brand building on your behalf.

Our Linkedin managed services supplements your face-to-face networking and relationship building in a way that fits how your team works. That’s the only way to be sure your employees will actually adopt something new.

How We'll Help

    Grow and nurture your first level connections

    Based on accounts you want to target including prospects that match your ideal client profile and contacts that could be great referral sources.

    Launch or grow your LinkedIn Company Page

    Including crafting a strategy to create content and setting up your LinkedIn Showcase Pages.

    Launch or grow your LinkedIn Group

    We’ll work with you to jump start discussions in your LinkedIn Group, target the right prospects to invite for Group membership, and develop a content strategy.

    Grow your brand awareness

    Including increasing your profile views, your update views, your follower counts, and your recommendations and endorsements.

    Use LinkedIn InMail strategically

    You'll be able to connect with prospects in a non-intrusive way to gain increased referrals and introductions within your target markets.

    Go beyond LinkedIn

    Use additional third-party resources that’ll help you get more out of your LinkedIn presence.

Complimentary Services

Maximizing your LinkedIn presence is only part of what you need to work on to get the most from your business development activities. Here are some additional tools to consider.