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Yeah, it's true, our email inboxes are bursting with newsletters. Yet, if we do it right, they're still one of the best tools for nurturing, maintaining, or expanding long-term relationships with our customers.

In fact, 63% of business leaders use eNewsletters to keep in touch with customers and promote their offerings.

Obviously the problem is relevance.

We've all had the experience of getting newsletters that don't have anything to do with what we care about today. That's the number one reason why we flag them as spam or hit the delete key.

And it's why 97% of us only open an email newsletter once, and never come back.

So, how do you break through? How do you make sure you're delivering useful, relevant, timely information that isn't also overly self serving? How do you squeeze out the time to be fresh and interesting month after month while doing your real work and while trying to win more business?

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What We'll Do

We'll work with you to crack those nuts. We’ll help you develop a contextually relevant editorial focus for your email newsletter that highlights your firm's capacity to solve customer challenges. Next we’ll gather up insightful content, write original articles, cleanup your mailing list, build your database, then come up with strategies to convert casual website visitors into newsletter readers and ultimately, repeat customers.

What We Need From You

Your story. About your business, your best customers, their challenges, and how you helped. Subject areas where you want to be viewed as a natural expert. Special dates for your business, promotions, offers, and contests you run. All marketing materials, brochures, sell sheets, ads, etc., everything you use to bring in prospects.

The Process

    STEP 1: Align Email Objectives to Your Business Goals

    As with anything else, strategy and implementation are the keys to success. So any eNewsletter program needs to be tied into your overall business goals and objectives. We’ll sit down with you to go over what value metrics you’re looking to hit, what sectors you're looking to expand into, and what actions you need driven. Then we’ll help you put together a yearlong email roadmap designed to get you there.

    STEP 2: Research Buyer Concerns

    Every email service provider gives you the ability to divide your email list into segments and send mailings to different customers. It works the same whether you’re using Constant Contact, Mailchimp, iContact or any other ESP. They all stop short of helping you analyze your customer list and gaining a deeper understanding of which customers are truly profitable for your business.

    We’ll help you gain deep insights into the behaviours, preferences, and motivations of potential buyers. Then we’ll help you identify the value propositions with the most resonance for your various customer groups. We’ll also help you create detailed buyer personas to make sure we match your offers to the customer groups that’ll be most open to taking the action you require.

    STEP 3: Create an Editorial Calendar

    Without a specific strategy and action plan in place for your email marketing activities you’ll wind up wasting time, money and effort. Since it doesn’t “cost” much to send email newsletters, too many company’s damage their customer relationships by slapping “stuff” together and blasting it out whenever they get around to it.

    That rarely works.

    To be effective, your eNewsletter has to solve your readers most important problems or fulfill their unmet needs. And you have to do it on their timeframe not yours.

    Today’s editorial calendar takes into account content on your website, company press releases, blog and social media posts, survey results, highpoints from events you sponsor, as well as promotional activities, contests, holidays and any major happenings around town. All are factored into to your eNewsletter planning. We’ll also help you put in place an audience segmentation strategy to map out messaging by customer groups, relevant content, desired frequency, and variable offers.


    STEP 4: Design a Look and a Style

    We'll save you time and money by using professionally pre-designed, modular eNewsletter templates customized to match the look and feel of your business. We’ll enhance it and make sure it’s built mobile friendly from the ground up. And of course it’ll have to work in your desktop email reader as well. We’ll also help you setup style guidelines and writing conventions your employees can use later.

    STEP 5: Integrate With Social Media

    Slapping a Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn link on your newsletter and blasting away is a recipe for diaster. Prospects and customers become fatigued and annoyed by being bombarded with duplicate messaging, the wrong format for the medium, too many messages, or just plain irrelevant communications.

    We'll work with you to plan out and coordinate all of your outreach so that prospects and customers aren't overwhelmed or bothered by hearing from you constantly or not enough. Your newsletters, blog posts, and social media updates will reinforce one another and help inform and educate your audience on your solutions to their challenges.

    STEP 6: Clean Up and Grow Your List

    Making sure your newsletters are permission-based, CAN-SPAM compliant, and clear of bad addresses is critical to your sales efforts and your newsletters long-term success. Too often business leaders fail to recognize the power and importance of their database. Regular maintenance and pruning of your list avoids wasting efforts on bad names or contacts that have moved on to other companies.

    You also need to expand your list with the right customers. We'll help you profile your "ideal" prospects and come up with a plan to find more just like them.

    STEP 7: Create Signup Forms and Landing Pages

    After aligning website objectives to your business goals we'll help you identify and prioritize all the conversion pathways on your website and create a prioritized list of web paths and buyer scenarios. A conversion pathway lays out the steps your target website visitor goes through to complete an action on your site. We'll also help you create landing pages for specific customer segments tied to campaigns (email, Adwords, press releases, social media, event registrations, demos, consultations, etc.) to attract them. The purpose of each landing page is to address the exact issues, challenges, and benefits your prospects searched for to find your website in the first place.

    STEP 8: Create Reports for Analysis

    We'll set-up key performance indicators to monitor then measure and report the results to you.

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Effective newsletters are not stand-alone solutions. They need a content rich website that's optimized for search and they ned well thought out calls-to-action to work.