About KIP

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At KIP | TMS we understand that your business goals determine your marketing objectives which leads to the sales strategies that support those marketing objectives which help achieve your business goals.

That's a mouth full but it's also the proper order to focus on before we recommend any particular tactic or tools to power your business.

We help you with the strategic planning and executing of marketing strategies designed to build buyer interest in your products and services.

You see, we're focused on your success. That means we know that any creative ideas we come up with as a marketing strategy has to connect back to where you want to take your business.

It's an end-to-end marketing framework that informs everything we do.

If you market your products or services to other businesses or government agencies, and you want practical solutions that work in the real world, well, that's where we come in.

We're constantly researching and analyzing the best ways to help you connect and engage with the high potential clients you want while making sure you get the most out of your limited marketing dollars.

We grow by meeting the needs of each client project through our network of tested contractors: writers, graphic artists, back-end programmers, production artists and others. We keep strategic planning, facilitated brainstorming, market research, analytics and reporting, sales & business development planning, brand development, advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), and marketing strategy in-house.

This flexible structure not only makes us more affordable, it lets us build the right team for your job without waste or unneeded overhead.

Our clients believe in the practicality of business development through online and offline methods. They hire us to help them attract and convert real leads through their website, their social networks, and their real world interactions. They believe in accountability and that an agency should understand the new world of tight budgets and therefore focus on a return on marketing investment.

We sell results-driven marketing programs with a well rounded solution set that includes:

  1. Strategic Planning. Strategy is included with all of our client engagements. it's the required blueprint for all we do.
  2. Market Research. Part of the planning process has to include taking a deeper dive into understanding your customers, competitors, and the world you operate in. Research helps get us there.
  3. Keyword Research. Understanding how your customers talk about the problems they're trying to solve is key to being effective online. By identifying the words and phrases your clients are using, we're better able to focus your marketing where it'll get the results you're looking for.
  4. Premium Content. To attract and convert the right prospects into clients, you need to share your insights, expertise and experiences in a number of ways. Creating case studies, white papers, infographics, ebooks, etc., helps make your prospects more comfortable with making a purchasing decision.
  5. Website Design and Re-Design. Regardless of your company size or industry, a modern, professional-looking website is a must. Getting it right determines whether or not you'll get the leads and sales you're looking for from your website.
  6. Search Engine Optimization. SEO might seem trite or boring but deploying it properly has a tremendous long-term impact on the effectiveness of your website development.
  7. Website Content. To be effective, your website must have original content that educates and empowers your prospects and clients to solve their day-to-day challenges while enforcing your status as an expert problem-solver.
  8. Social Media. Driving traffic, engaging prospects, generating leads, and nurturing relationships at scale is what social media brings to the table. We help you leverage LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for business results.
  9. Blogging. Keyword-rich blogs allow you to share insights and perspectives with your target audience. It can fill your sales funnel with leads.
  10. Advertising. It's true that most online or social marketing is "FREE," but it's also true that getting the most out of these tactics requires an advanced mastery of the tools and a long time horizon. That's where measurable advertising comes in. Using today's modern techniques, you can jump start your lead generation efforts by strategically using targeted advertising methods to build your sales pipeline.
  11. Email Marketing. Although not sexy or new, email marketing still packs a punch and deserves a place in your marketing toolbox. We handle everything from set-up to content creation to send.
  12. Analytics and Reporting. Without systems of reporting in place you'll be hard pressed to know and understand whether or not your marketing efforts are working. We'll help you set-up and measure the activity of your online presence and report back to you in plain English.

We're your partner for outsourced business development and marketing based out of midtown New York, NY.