Manage Social Media

Listen to understand and then engage meaningfully with key decision makers.

B2B Social Media

The New B2B Approach

In a multi-step, B2B buying environment, not only do you have to build relationships between your company and the person sitting across from you, but you've also got to help that individual convince others in their organization to reach a consensus about contracting with you.

You'll need to identify all the players involved in making the contracting decision and figure out a way to engage as many of them as possible, given your limited resources.

Like it or hate it, B2B social media now forms the backbone of how you'll be able to do that. It can help you speed up relationships, build credibility, and expand your reach.

Building Relationships at Scale

Using social media effectively is about keeping your business goals in sight, managing daily engagement and weekly maintenance, establishing your company’s authority, learning how to listen, building relations, measuring and monitoring your performance. The list goes on.

B2B social networks allow you and your brand to scale. The payoff is enormous but the price can be high (time-wise), and the risks many (you or your employees saying the wrong thing; copyright issues; knowing what to talk about).

How We'll Help

    Align SM objectives with your business goals

    Social media can't work for your business unless it's connected with your overall business goals. Otherwise it'll quickly become a colossal time sink leaving you with only vanity metrics.

    Focus on a core B2B social media strategy

    We'll work with you to transform your go-to-market strategy into one cohesive, efficient and effective approach, including establishing your unique voice and your brand position.

    Build your digital infrastructure

    Beyond setting up your social media profiles, we'll help you with call-to-actions, landing pages, and other contact capture forms.

    Build your social network connections

    Help audit and grow prospect connections, referals sources, and identifying influencers.

    Find or create useful content

    Mapping out the content journey of the people most involved in making a contracting decision, creating an editorial calendar, setting up a posting schedule, and choosing tools to help you mange and leverage your time.

    Foster engagement on/offline

    Including setting up listening and response mechanisms, figuring out what platforms your prospects use, and establishing contact frequency and messaging rules.

    Company-wide social media policy

    Including setting up crisis communications planning and reputation management posture.

Complimentary Services

While business focused social media has similarities to consumer based platforms, their need to be integrated into your overall go-to-market strategy is even more critical. Here are some options to consider.