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Digital Marketing

Getting Digital Marketing Right

Once upon a time, you had control over the information needed to complete a sale. Your prospects needed the knowledge and experiences locked in your brain to help them make decisions. Now, they don't.

Fact-finding, material sourcing, business processes, vendor capabilities, and other data points are accessible in a world of more than one billion websites plus dozens of search engines.

Your prospects are self educating online or with their peers. They're less and less likely to turn to you until the bitter end. So how do you go to market in this environment?

Shift your perspective from pushing for a contract to helping prospects achieve their business goals.

To do that you need to leverage the digital revolution to be present in the mind of your prospects in a way that's inline with how they do business now. But how can you make that happen? By focusing on the essentials of being found, seen and heard online.

Becoming a "Top of Mind" (TOM) Expert

Being top of mind when your prospects are trying to solve problems or meet challenges starts with a deep understanding of what your potential customers are trying to do and in what context.

That will allow you to tailor the knowledge you share to fit the issues they're grappling with. Along the way, you're setting yourself up for success with a solid business strategy and a fully developed digital marketing approach.

Being a TOM expert boosts your digital marketing strategy. Here's what we can help you work on:

  1. Personal positioning campaign.
  2. Capabilities brochure.
  3. Personal marketing resume.
  4. Preliminary ideas.
  5. Third-party referrals.
  6. Success stories.

Our steps in YOUR digital approach

    Understand Your Customers

    Market research into your customers helps build a deeper understanding of their challenges and sets the stage for how you can deliver your solutions.

    Create Useful Content

    Buyers use content to learn what they need to make sound decisions.

    Re-Do Your Website

    Your website is your main tool for enabling sales and offering solutions.

    Optimize It for Search Engines

    SEO helps to make your website more visible to the right prospects.

    Connect to the Right Social Media

    B2B social media helps you listen, understand and engage meaningfully with key decision makers.

    Capture Leads with a Newsletter

    eNewsletters aren't sexy or new but they still get the job done in terms of building your database while nurturing relationships.

Bundled Digital Marketing Services

A digital marketing strategy starts with a well rounded approach that takes into account all of the pieces your target audience has come to expect. Each component fits together to help you reach your business development goals.