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Ideas Drive Strategy

Predictable revenue performance starts with an idea. About sales, customers, and markets.

We use an idea generation session to jumpstart the process of building buyer interest in your products or services and to help you improve your revenue performance.

It's based on a researched and tested method that's designed to help you come up with several customized ways for connecting the right business buyers to your products and services.

When we're done, you'll have a blueprint for determining what programs, strategies, tactics, and messaging are most likely to bring about the buyer behaviors you need.

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What We Need From You

A willingness to share information. An open minded approach to new concepts. The ability to listen to target consumers, key stakeholders, and employees without judging or dismissing. And finally, when it comes to making choices, well, that will be your job.

What You Get From Us

A step-by-step plan (with timelines and deliverables) you can execute with or without us, tailored to your objectives, your markets, and your specific situation.

The Process

    STEP 1: Market Analysis

    Research, research research. About your market, customers, and competition. We develop a deep understanding of the conditions you operate in, the forces impacting your company, and the trend lines influencing your target consumer.

    STEP 2: Fact Finding

    After you've identified your marketing objective we'll assemble a "resource group" made up of members of your target market, key employees and stakeholders, and experts from our team. Together we probe and clarify your marketing situation. The better we understand your situation the better the ideas will be.

    STEP 3: Explore Concepts

    We've arrived at a crucial step in the process. The idea-generation phase. In this step we do structured brainstorming to identify opportunities, develop ideas and generate solutions that make sense for your brand.

    STEP 4: Frame Solutions

    We'll work with you to evaluate concepts and identify the ones that deliver the most value to your firm and to your target consumers. By basing our ideas on results from the previous steps, we make sure that any solutions arrived at are defensible and grounded in reality.

    STEP 5: Make Decisions

    We've found that often the hardest thing for business owners to do is to select one course of action when they have soo many priorities that need attention. We'll work with you to identify what's urgent and important then help determine the criteria you'll use to select a course of action and make your choices.

    STEP 6: Test and Tweak

    Of course to paraphrase an old saying "no ideas meet the marketplace and survive in tact." It's prudent to test, measure then tweak before doing any type of a role out.

The Benefits

A deeper understanding of your target consumer and marketing ideas that are:

  • Relevant to a particular target consumer
  • Tailored to your company brand
  • Effective at getting a target consumer to take action
  • A complete marketing program with campaign plans and offer strategies
  • A detailed timeline for action so everyone knows who needs to do what by when

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